This Girl Codes.

A brand campaign for the next generation of coders

  • Logo Design
  • Branding
  • Typography

This Girl Codes is a social campaign to inspire women to join computer science and challenge the male-dominated narrative woven into computer science.


The main typography for this campaign is Futura Extra Bold Condensed Oblique. I chose this typeface for its fresh, fast, in-motion feel, and it’s connection to past feminist movements like Barbara Kruger’s.

Display font

Body font


The logo for this campaign went through a couple iterations. Once I had my primary typeface locked down, I focused on finding the correct font that would work on multiple sizes and applications. After landing on Futura Extra Bold Condensed Oblique, I tightened and aligned the kerning to give it a more cohesive identity.


The primary colors of the campaign come from the iconic Rosie the Riveter poster. They are purposefully gender neutral, to avoid following tired gender norms. Each color has equal weight in the palette, and is used equally throughout the campaign.

Rosie Red


Bad Bitch Blue


Yellin Yellow


Overturn Orange



The source for most of the photos was the Major League Hacking (MLH) organization, which sponsors and facilitates hackathons across the country. By featuring actual women in STEM, other girls would hopefully be able to relate more to the content, creating a stronger connection to the imagery and the campaign as a whole.


To make the images more cohesive and unique to this campaign, a duotone overlay was added to them. The colors come from the primary color palette with bright pops of color used to catch the eye, create consistency, and stand out in their environments.


The posters for this campaign can be divided into two categories: knows no gender and stand-alone. The knows no gender posters are meant to be seen consecutively and use the same template. The words preceding “knows no gender” are centered around process and experiences of computer science, and the statement as a whole is meant to show that everyone, regardless of gender deserve to share in these experiences.


The stand-alone posters in this campaign are a compliment to the knows no gender posters. These posters use rhyming, plays on common sayings in the industry, and direct statements to create memorable connections for the primary audience.


Once girls are interested in the movement, they can find a community on the This Girl Codes Instagram page. This page would feature student spotlights highlighting female CS students, quotes from inspirational female icons, and catch-phrases from the campaign. This page is meant to foster a sense of community beyond the classroom, and create visibility online.


The concept setting of this campaign is middle and high schools. To challenge the rigid ecosystem of these schools, the campaign includes a series of accessories and wearables, allowing girls to identify with the movement and challenge their environment in a fun, colorful way.